To View Featured Community Leads, follow these steps;

1. Visit

2. Enter MLS City, MLS ID and Password (please refer to your confirmation email).

3. Click Sign In.

4. Accept Terms and Conditions.

5. Enter your NRDS ID if prompted, or click Ask me later - Go directly to My Control Panel.

6. From the menu on the left, select “Reporting”.

7. Click on “Featured Community”

8. Change “Reporting Period” in upper left to your preference, then click “Reload Report” in upper right.

9. Under “My Creatives Dashboard”, you’ll see your Leaderboard (L) or Skyscraper (S). Click on your preference.

10. Under “Responses” you will see a number highlighted in blue and underlined. Click on that number. This is where you will see your Leads captured.

11. If you would like to Export these to Excel, click on

Export to Excel

12. You now have your Leads captured and ready to follow up with!