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— Relevant drip marketing system with data consumers are looking for

— Enables them to promote all of their services to clients in a professional format

— Promotes Market Snapshot & their listings

— Incorporates with Top Producer 8i

— Simple codes where they can create badges for blogs, emails, websites etc.

— Agents can leverage the newsletter as a Free Client Retention and Lead Generation Tool

— Agents can ad yet another valuable service on their website.

— Agents can use the newsletter to create a drip marketing campaign and stay “top of mind” with their sphere of influence.

— Agents can create credibility with their sphere of influence by being the provider of real estate market related information.

— Agents who own FCMA a la carte (or any of our other solutions for that matter) can use the newsletter as a follow up piece for all consumer inquiries.

— Agents can use the newsletter as a value proposition in FAC ads. Particularly relocation ads.

— Agents can promote their market snapshot in a new way.

— Agents can create a new custom domain similarly to BA and MS.

— Agents can share their newsletter in their blogs, add them to their signature bar in their emails, post it on their Facebook page, Twitter (Social networking)etc.

— Agent can use as a knowledge database when positioning themselves as a relocation specialists (covers all 50 states)

— Clients can archive the newsletter on their website

— Clients can save and send individualized pdf files from the reports, and send real estate market data on several states, at one time.

— Client has one Permanent URL that CONTENT updates every month, but the URL stays the same

— Newsletter is automatically sent out every month